• Fair, simple - social insurance

    See how your funds are used. Connect to protect. Get all unused premium back, every year.

    Insure with a snap gif

    Insure with a snap


    Snap a pic to insure your stuff, or add things to your asset register to insure later.


    PS: Motor coming soon...


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    Premiums deposited into Pineapple Wallet gif

    Your Pineapple Wallet


    Premiums you pay go straight into your Pineapple Wallet.

    This Wallet is used to help pay the claims of the Pineapple community.


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    Connect to protect your wallet from strangers

    Choose who to share risk with


    Search for connections and build your own network to control how your wallet is used!


    The more you connect to those you know and trust, the less your wallet is affected by the claims of those you don't know.


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    Fully indemnified insurance always protected

    Peace of mind


    A small fee from your wallet pays for complete protection so that valid claims will always be paid, even if wallets run out.

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    All money leftover is withdrawn gif

    Your Wallet. Your Money.


    At the end of each year, all money leftover in your Pineapple wallet is yours to withdraw IN CASH.

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